Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hanging with the Kids

Yesterday, I went to a "haunted" corn maze with several youth from our Church. It's fun to hear them scream. We didn't get to our home town until 12:00 a.m. My kids were hungry, so I treated them to breakfast. My head hit the pillow at 2:30 a.m. I'm tired, but it was well worth it. Spending time with the kids is the most important thing you can do with your kids. You'll never regret it. They'll be gone before you know it and then there will be time for regrets for all the things you could have done with them when they were around.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Super Mom

I haven't been home one night this week.

Erin (my 15 yo) is involved in theater. She is getting ready to pen a play next week with our local community college. She plays Snow White in "Beanie and the Bamboozling Book Machine". She rehearses 4 nights a week, and then 2 nights a week she has to go to the high school and rehearse for State Theater coming up in December.

My son (6 yrs) just started karate lessons and is in 7th heaven. This is going to take up 2 evenings a week. He also has piano lessons.

Elisha (my 18 yr old) is in college and she is either in class, babysitting, or out with friends.

My husband is involved with playing music with a band. He rehearses twice a week and may play at a local cafe every once in a while. He does help when I let him.

Why do I feel I need to be the one to do everything? I work full-time, cook dinner, make sure the kids get to all their activities, and then try to make sure I get time for myself. I think the only thing that lacks is my house cleaning skills. Sometimes, there are more important things in life than an immaculate house.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Losing Photo Files

I was working in Photoshop yesterday and ended up losing some photo files off the computer. There are over 5000 photos on my hard drive. Thank goodness it wasn't all of the ones that hadn't been backed up yet. I just lost the ones since the end of July. Our camping trip is gone along with some of the Melodrama pictures, Thunderbird pictures, and a hodgepodge of others. It saddens me that I will not be able to retreive these pictures and they will be lost forever.

Next week, I will get to scrap for 12 hours straight. I am planning to print many photos this week.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


I have recently discovered the swaps on the Cricut Community board. Since joining in August, I have completed a bookmark swap and 2 pages for an ABC 8x8 book. I am involved and trying to complete a green page for an 8x8 colors book. I have joined 2 paint can swaps (one for Christmas, one for Valentines), and a 25 days of Christmas swap. I have also gotten involved with hosting an 8x8 double page winter layout swap on the QVC Message board. This has all been since the middle of August. Don't let me fool you, though. I have enjoyed every minute of this. It has been fun to get to know others on the board and share my addiction/obsession. I also get to use my supplies and buy more.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Too Many Tools?

Can a scrapbooker have too many tools? My husband sure thinks so. I would have to disagree with him even though my scrapbook room is overflowing. I've been scrapbooking and collecting supplies for the last five years. I seem to collect more than I use, but I can't get enough.

For instance, I have purchased:
Sizzix, Sidekick, Cricut, Quickutz, Crop-a-dial, several eyelet setting devices, embossing tools, scanner/printer (not the 12x12 yet), digital camera, computer to store the pictures, etc. You get the picture. I have more paper than I can possible use in a lifetime, but I am constantly buying more.

This is my hobby. It allows me to use my creative side, keeps me sane, and is less expensive than therapy.